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kantele, Emma Kuntsi



May 29th Qoro Quando


Pyhän Sydämen kappeli, Helsinki


Latest gigs and performances

May 9th to 10th Finnair Singers

in Vaasa Choir Festivals


Apr 25th Choir Festival -concert

Koilliskuoro and Pikomalan Laulajat

Pasila Library

Apr 18th Koilliskuoro

Spring concert

Varustamo, Malmi

Apr 9th Pikomalan Laulajat

Spring concert

Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki

Mar 12th to 14th

The Sibelius Academy´s

D2- and C- choral conducting students concerts

Mar 2nd and 3rd Klemetti Institute Chamberchoir

Taivaasta ja maasta -concerts with

Eleriin Müüripeal

St. Thomas Church, Oulu and

Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory, Kokkola

Feb 22nd Solo kantele

Private event

Jan 26th and 27th

The Sibelius Academy´s

D2- and C- choral conducting students concerts

Tikkurila and Roihuvuori Church

Dec 24th Solo kantele

Christmas Eve Mass

Pitäjänmäki Church, Helsinki

Dec 20th and 22nd Qoro Quando


Leppävaara Church, Espoo and

Church of St. Lawrence, Vantaa

Dec 14th Koilliskuoro

Christmas concert

Malmitalon Joulu -event

Dec 7th and 8th Finnair Singers

Tule, joulu kultainen

Church of St. Lawrence, Vantaa and

Alppila Chruch, Helsinki

Dec 5th Solo kantele

Malmitalon Joulu -event

Malmi, Helsinki

Dec 2nd and 3rd FiBo and Christmas Oratorium Choir

J. S. Bach: Christmas Oratorium

Loviisa Church and Porvoo Cathedral

Dec 2nd Solo kantele

Jutta Urpilainen´s presidential election

campaign launch

Paasitorni, Helsinki

Nov 30th Koilliskuoro

Joulun rauhaa - Christmas concert

Varustamo, Malmi

Nov 28th Pikomalan Laulajat

Christmas concert

Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki

Nov 5th Solo kantele

Karjalaisen kansan messu

Sipoo Church

Nov 4th Klemetti Institute Chamberchoir Ensemble

All Saints' Day Mass

Paavali Church

Sep 30th and Oct 1st Klemetti Institute Chamberchoir

LUX - Joonas Kokkonen 100 years

Paavali Church and Kuopio Cathedral

Sep 23rd Qoro Quando and Seitakuoro


Olaus Petri Church

Aug 24th With Finnair Singers

and Qoro Quando

AGK - Kuorojen kierros

Jul 19th and 20th Kiertokuoro

Orivesi Church and

Sipoo Old Church

Jun 16th Finnair Singers

Tampereen Sävel - Tampere Vocal Music Festival

Tampere Hall

Jun 5th Solo kantele

Private event

May 31st Qoro Quando 

ToukoQ - Spring Concert

Ritarihuone, Helsinki

May 21st Taizé Mass

Solo kantele and Finnair Singers

Alppila Church, Helsinki

May 9th Solo kantele

Europe Day event at Lasipalatsi


May 2nd as a piano accompanist

Private event at Sipoo

Apr 13th to 20th Choir Festivals

in Helsinki Libraries

Apr 11th and 13th Choir Spring concerts

Finnish Adult Education Centre, Helsinki

Mar 14th to 16th 

The Sibelius Academy´s

D2- and C- choral conducting students concerts

in Kuopio

Mar 9th Solo kantele

Private Event

Hietaniemi Crematorium Chapel

Mar 3rd Solo kantele

Private Event

St. Michael´s Church, Helsinki

Feb 18th Solo kantele

Women´s Bank - Finn Church Aid event 

Virtakirkko, Vantaa 

Jan 27th and 28th The Sibelius Academy´s

D2- and C- choral conducting students concert


Olari and Roihuvuori Church


Dec 21st Qoro Quando - 

JouluQ - Christmas Concert

Church of St. Lawrence, Vantaa

Dec 20th Solo kantele Christmas Concert

Private event at Hämeenlinna

Dec 17th Qoro Quando - 

JouluQ - Christmas Concert

Leppävaara church, Espoo

Dec 16th A Christmas Story by Finnair Singers

- concert

Alppila church, Helsinki

Dec 15th A Christmas Story by Finnair Singers

- concert

Church of St. Lawrence, Vantaa

Dec 9th Qoro Quando

Private event at Vantaa

Nov 30th as a piano accompanist

Private event at Sipoo

Nov 28th Solo kantele

Private event at SESKO ry

Nov 19th Qoro Quando, quartet

Private event at Vantaa

Nov 17th Solo kantele

Private event at Valkoinen Elefantti

Sep 25th Qoro Quando and Seitakuoro

in Korundi House of Culture, Rovaniemi

Aug 25th Art Goes Kapakka, Kuorojen kierros

Finnair Singers and Qoro Quando

Aug 28th Music assistant

at the Sunday service, Pitäjänmäki parish

Aug 6th as a piano accompanist

Private event

July 6th Musiikkia kesäillassa,

Soiva Ensemble in Karuna Museum Church

May 18th to 29th XII International

Jean Sibelius Violin competition,

Secretary of the Jury

May 26th Solo kantele

Ascension Day Mass

Sipoo parish

May 21st Qoro Quando -

JuhlaQ – 20+ anniversary concert


May 17th Pikomalan Laulajat - spring concert

May 1st Kuii kollektiivi in

Labour May Day event, Kerava

Apr 29th Solo kantele

May Day event, SDP

Apr 19th to 28th Choir festival in Helsinki libraries,

Helsingin työväenopisto 

Mar 11 Soiva Ensemble 10 years

anniversary concert


Dec 30 Solo kantele

Private event

Dec 20 Solo kantele

Private event

Dec 17 and 18 Qoro Quando - 

JouluQ - Christmas Concert

Dec 14 Vaskivuori Upper Secondary School Choir´s

Christmas Concert,

conducting Chamber Choir and Male Choir

Hämeenkylän kirkko

Dec 9 Finnair Singers - 

I´ll be home for Christmas - concert

Pyhän Laurin kirkko

Dec 6 Independence Day concert,

Qoro Quando and Queens of Qoro Quando,

Tikkurila church

Dec 3 Solo kantele

Matriculation celebration, Espoo Omnia

Dec 3 Private event

Dec 2 Koilliskuoro -

Christmas concert,


Nov 30 Solo kantele

private event

Nov 30 Pikomalan Laulajat -

Christmas concert

Nov 13 Recording day at Sonic Pump -studio 

with Finnair Singers

Nov 7 Karjalaisen kansan messu

- sunday service, Sipoo parish

Oct 24 Finnair Singers and FlamingoAir

- joint concert in Porvoo

Sep 4 Private event, Finnair Singers

July As a cantor at the Sunday services, Pitäjänmäki parish

May 22 Private event

Feb 21 with Qoro Quando -ensemble at private event

Feb 20 Solo kantele at Nasima Razmyar´s start of mayoral campaign


Dec 27 Music assistant at the Sunday service, Pitäjänmäki parish

Aug 22 Private event

Mar 4 Soiva Ensemble at Aino Ackté Chamber music festival

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